EUROPHRAS-Konferenzen 2017 in Stockholm und London


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In diesem Jahr werden zwei Konferenzen stattfinden, die EUROPHRAS unterstützt. Alle Informationen zu Stockholm hier und London hier.


Theme session "Cognitive Phraseology and Translation"


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The Ist international congress of translation theory organised by the French Society for the Study of Translation (SoFT, will take place at the University Paris Ouest (Nanterre) between April 11 and April 14 2017.

Thursday, April 13 will be devoted to cognitive approaches to translation, and on that day, Didier Bottineau (Paris Ouest) and Yvon Keromnes (Université de Lorraine) are organizing a theme session on "cognitive phraseology and translation". Phd Students are welcome.

Researchers interested can register directly on the congress webpage and submit a short abstract in French and in English. Registration deadline is December 1st, 2016.


Dans le cadre du premier congrès mondial de traductologie de la SoFT (Société Française de Traductologie, à l'Université Paris Ouest (Nanterre) du 10 au 14 avril 2017 se déroulera le jeudi 13 avril un atelier consacré à la phraséologie cognitive en rapport avec la traduction (Axe 3, approches théoriques de la traduction).

Cet atelier est organisé par Didier Bottineau (Paris Ouest) et Yvon Keromnes (Université de Lorraine). Les candidatures de doctorant.e.s sont encouragées. Les personnes intéressées peuvent s'inscrire jusqu'au 1er décembre 2016 sur le site du congrès en soumettant un résumé court en français et en anglais.


Election 2016


Dear colleagues, dear members of the European Society of Phraseology,

the EUROPRHAS conference was a great success. Thanks to the organizing team, thanks to all participants for the interesting contributions and discussions. In September, Circular Letter III and the minutes of the General Assembly meeting that took place on August 2nd, 2016 in Trier will be sent to everybody.

The lists of the elected members of the Board and the Advisory Council can be found here.


Conference Program EUROPHRAS 2016


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The program for the EUROPHRAS conference taking place 01.-03. 08. 2016 in Trier is available on the conference website:



DFG grant for EUROPHRAS 2016


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The DFG (German Research Foundation) has granted financial aid for the EUROPHRAS conference 2016 in Trier. This is an encouraging confirmation of the growing recognition of our society by the scientific community.


Deadline Extension


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The Deadline for submitting abstracts for the conference "Lexical combinations and typified speech in a multilingual context" was extended to November 1st 2015.


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