Erklärung zum Krieg in der Ukraine

Dear members of Europhras,

with this letter I would like to express our support to the Europhras members who are directly or indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with our members from Ukraine. You are fighting for your lives, you are forced to flee, you are scared for your own life, your family, your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Please be aware that you are not alone! From all of our members you are affected in a way that we only know from books and movies. Who would have thought that it will ever be our reality?

Our thoughts are also with members who are affected by the war in other ways due to political pressure, sanctions, isolation, humanitarian consequences of migration, and those who are affected emotionally, psychologically or in any other way. Our society will continue to be a home for researchers from all countries and will develop measures that facilitate our continued cooperation in the long term.

Europhras is an international scientific organization that was established in order to unite research in phraseology in the West and in the East. International cooperation, tolerance and the will to understand each other define our core. It is not a coincidence that at Europhras we have no statistics based on the nationality of our members. What counts is our passion for phraseology and scientific excellence.

Let’s keep it this way for many years to come, for science and peace! Stay safe!


Natalia Filatkina

President of Europhras

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